Any delivery from Mouldshop A/S (hereinafter "Mouldshop") to the customer (hereinafter "the Customer") is subject to the present sales and delivery conditions to the extent that they have not been expressly waived or modified by another written agreement. Special purchasing conditions or specific requirements for the purchased from the Customer's side, stated in, for example, the Customer's order placement or in the Customer's general purchasing conditions, tender material, etc., are not binding for Mouldshop unless Mouldshop has expressly and in writing accepted such conditions.

All transactions made on Mouldshop.dk are subject to Danish law. These trade conditions have been prepared in accordance with Danish law.


To trade on Mouldshop.dk, you must create an account with personal information. You are responsible for keeping your login information secure.

A final and binding agreement between the Customer and Mouldshop is considered to be entered into only when the Customer's written acceptance has been confirmed by Mouldshop, for example, by a written order confirmation.

In case of discrepancy between the order confirmation and the Customer's order or acceptance, the order confirmation prevails. Any offer from Mouldshop is made with reservation for intermediate sale. Mouldshop's offer must, unless otherwise specifically stated in the offer, be accepted by the Customer immediately and no later than 15 days after the date of the offer.

Unless a standard or quality designation is expressly indicated in the agreement, a general commercial item is delivered without liability for special quality requirements.

Unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing, the Customer has the full responsibility for the selection of the delivery, including that the Customer can achieve the expected results and the desired functionality in relation to the delivery being able to function and be used in the Customer's existing or intended environment and for the purpose intended by the Customer.


Technical information, guidance, certificate, etc. Product information, illustrations, drawings, and information about technical data, such as dimensions, compatibility, performance, quality, and similar in brochures, PowerPoint presentations, prospectuses, and other advertising material, including on Mouldshop's website, etc., are only indicative.

Mouldshop's information is only binding if a separate written guarantee is provided for these as part of the agreement with the Customer and Mouldshop.


Any delivery takes place at the prices valid on the date of Mouldshop's dispatch of the order confirmation and as appears from Mouldshop's price lists in force at any time, unless another fixed price is stated in Mouldshop's order confirmation.

Offers and prices stated in price lists and order confirmations are excl. VAT, packaging, postage, and other additional services, which are added to the price when invoicing the Customer.

Mouldshop reserves the right to change agreed prices without notice as a result of increases in terminal and transport costs and insurance, etc., which may occur after the agreement's conclusion. The same applies if Danish or foreign authorities (including the EU) adopt binding interventions in price formation, including by setting binding minimum prices, anti-dumping duties, countervailing duties, or other forms of special duties, taxes, and similar.


Any delivery time notified by Mouldshop is estimated and thus non-binding for Mouldshop, unless a fixed delivery time for the entire delivery or parts thereof has been expressly agreed in writing.

Delivery takes place ab Mouldshop's warehouse.

*If it is agreed that Mouldshop should send the delivery from the place of delivery, the expenses hereto are borne by the Customer unless otherwise agreed in writing, and the shipment is at the Customer's risk from the moment the delivery has left Mouldshop's place in Ballerup.

*If delivery takes place directly from Mouldshop's supplier to the Customer, delivery takes place ab the supplier or the specified foreign warehouse unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Customer and Mouldshop. In case the delivery is not completed due to the Customer's circumstances, the delivery is at the Customer's expense and risk, and Mouldshop is entitled to charge storage rent, costs, etc.

*Drop shipments are not valid for online payment.

The shipping method and estimated delivery time are agreed upon when ordering each product. The selection of shipping methods and thus shipping prices can therefore vary, as different factors such as the item's weight and dimensions determine the shipping options.

Mouldshop A/S ships freight-free for purchases over DKK 1500,-.

Stock items are delivered immediately from the warehouse in Ballerup, and order items are delivered within 1-3 working days also from the warehouse in Ballerup unless otherwise indicated on the item in the webshop.

Mouldshop A/S uses the shipping companies PostNord and UPS for delivery in Denmark.

Generally, orders are sent as one complete delivery. If partial deliveries are desired, the Customer should contact Mouldshop's customer service at sales@mouldshop.dk Any costs for partial deliveries will be invoiced. If the Customer chooses free shipping, this only applies to one complete delivery or the first partial delivery, and not for express/direct delivery.

Mouldshop A/S's delivery methods:

• Stock items – dispatched the same day as the order is received,

• Direct deliveries (where possible) - for a minor fee,

• Small shipments - via Post Danmark,

• Partial deliveries - where the customer pays the shipping costs.

• Other shipments - with specially selected shipping companies,

• Track & trace - is available on all package shipments.

All packages are picked up approx. 15 minutes before closing time.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, any delivery takes place against cash payment, and Mouldshop is entitled to withhold the delivery or prevent its handover to the Customer until the Customer's payment is received.

If the Customer is granted a deferment of payment, the payment period runs from the time of delivery.

In case of non-timely payment, interest is accrued from the due date of the amount owed at any time with an interest rate of 1% per commenced month. The Customer may not offset the purchase amount for claims arising from or from other legal relationships, and the Customer may not exercise a right of retention or refuse payment due to delay, complaint, or counterclaim regarding the specific delivery. Delivered goods remain the property of Mouldshop until full and final payment is made.

If the Customer defaults on the payment of the purchase amount for a delivery or partial delivery, Mouldshop may, without liability, withhold any subsequent delivery/partial delivery and respectively prevent the delivery's handover to the Customer until the Customer's total overdue outstanding is paid to Mouldshop.

For online purchases, Mouldshop A/S offers online payments with Dankort, VISA, or Mastercard, which are debited immediately the item is dispatched from Mouldshop A/S’s warehouse in Ballerup.

For all customers, both those with and without an account, we offer additional payment options. These include common credit and debit cards like Visa, MasterCard, and Dankort.

Prices on Mouldshop A/S’s website are in Danish kroner (DKK). All prices on the website are excl. VAT. VAT is added at check-out.

Mouldshop A/S uses a secure payment server that encrypts all information with SSL protocol meaning all data is secure and cannot be read by outsiders.


If the Customer cancels a delivery, the Customer is obliged to indemnify Mouldshop for any loss and any cost that Mouldshop may suffer in this context, including in relation to Mouldshop's supplier.

Deliveries are not accepted for return. If Mouldshop in special cases may accept to receive a delivery or part thereof for return, a fee of a minimum of 20% of the paid purchase amount for the returned delivery is calculated. The return of the delivery is otherwise at the Customer's expense and risk.

The return, however, requires in any case that the returned delivery is in undamaged condition and for packaged materials, that these are returned to Mouldshop in original packaging.


The Customer must immediately after delivery examine the delivered for any defects. Mouldshop is only liable for original errors and defects.

If the Customer detects original errors and/or defects in the delivered, the Customer must immediately contact Mouldshop customer service sales@mouldshop.dk in writing to complain with a specification of the defects claimed. If no complaint is made immediately after an original defect is or should have been detected, the right to invoke the defect has lapsed.

Any defect claim, regardless of its nature, must be made within 4 weeks after the actual delivery time. If the Customer fails to do this, the Customer cannot subsequently invoke the defect. Mouldshop's liability for errors and defects is always and in any situation limited to either remedying the defect, re-delivery or notifying the Customer of a proportionate discount in the agreed purchase price determined by Mouldshop. The Customer cannot invoke other defect rights and is thus precluded from claiming compensation of any kind.


  1. Review Terms and Conditions

  2. Fill out the complaint form and send the completed form to sales@mouldshop.dk

  3. Wait for a return email with an RMA number from customer service

  4. Send the goods back to Mouldshop A/S, Baltorpbakken 10, DK-2750 Ballerup, Denmark.

  5. *Include a copy of the filled-out complaint form (including RMA number) with the goods as documentation

  6. Once the goods are received by Mouldpro, Mouldpro will inspect the goods and return with an answer to the claim.

*Note: returned goods without a filled-out complaint form will not be processed

Download the complaint form


For the sale of used goods, including goods that have been used by Mouldshop, the provisions stated in section 8 (Complaint and defects in the delivery) do not apply.

Used goods are sold as they are and found at the time of delivery without liability for defects or warranty of any kind. The Customer can therefore, apart from claims due to lack of title, not invoke defects of any kind against Mouldshop regarding used goods.


If a fixed delivery time has not been agreed, the Customer can, by written notice to Mouldshop, demand delivery, provided that Mouldshop is granted a delivery deadline of at least 10 working days.

If Mouldshop exceeds an agreed fixed delivery time or a set delivery deadline pursuant to the above provision by more than 10 working days, the Customer is entitled to cancel the agreement unless the delay is due to circumstances for which Mouldshop is not responsible, cf. section 13 (force majeure). This does not apply to orders for specially manufactured goods.

Mouldshop is under no circumstances liable for delays caused by delays from Mouldshop's supplier. If the Customer chooses to cancel the agreement, the Customer is only entitled to have any already paid purchase amount regarding the delayed delivery refunded but not any claims regarding other deliveries. The Customer cannot invoke other remedies for breach in the event of a delay and is thus precluded from claiming compensation of any kind.


For product liability, Mouldshop is liable in accordance with the provisions of the Product Liability Act, which cannot be waived by agreement. Mouldshop disclaims liability for product damage on any other basis. The product liability can not exceed the coverage of Mouldshop's product liability insurance. The Customer is obliged to notify Mouldshop in writing without undue delay if a product liability damage has occurred or if there is a risk that such damage will occur. To the extent that Mouldshop may be imposed liability with the resulting compensation payment to a third party, the Customer is obliged to indemnify Mouldshop to the same extent as Mouldshop's liability is limited according to this section.


Regardless of the basis on which a claim for damages is raised and regardless of the degree of negligence, Mouldshop is not liable for indirect losses or consequential damages such as operating losses, loss of profit, loss of goodwill, loss of expected savings, and similar. Mouldshop's liability is in all circumstances limited to the Customer's paid purchase price for the individual delivery.


Mouldshop is not liable to the Customer when the following circumstances occur after the agreement's conclusion and prevent or postpone the fulfillment of the agreement: war and mobilization, riots and disturbances, terror actions, natural disasters, strikes and lockouts, shortage of goods, and deficiencies or delays in deliveries from subcontractors, fire, lack of transportation options, currency restrictions, import and export restrictions, extraordinary interventions by state or EU authorities, death, illness or departure of key persons, or other circumstances over which Mouldshop does not have direct control. In this case, Mouldshop is entitled to postpone delivery until the circumstance preventing or delaying the fulfillment has ceased. Mouldshop may, however, choose to have the case handled by arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Act, just as Mouldshop has the right to have any disputes regarding the construction supply clause in section 10 (Delayed delivery) handled by the Arbitration Board. Mouldshop regarding product liability. Mouldshop can, however, choose to have the case handled by arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Act, just as Mouldshop has the right to have any disputes regarding the construction supply clause in section 10 (Delayed delivery) handled by the Arbitration Board."


Any disagreement or dispute between the parties regarding the understanding or scope of the present General sales and delivery conditions shall be settled in Denmark by the ordinary courts under Danish law, excluding CISG (the International Sales of Goods Act) and Danish law's international private law rules. The venue is Glostrup, and the court language is Danish. The Customer is obliged to be sued at the court handling claims for damages raised by a third party against.


At Mouldshop A/S, we take the protection of your personal information seriously. All personal data collected through our webshop are treated with strict confidentiality and in accordance with applicable data protection legislation, including the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your information is only used to facilitate your use of our services, including order processing and customer service. We do not share your information with third parties without your explicit permission unless it is necessary to complete your order or fulfill legal obligations. You have the right to request access to, correction, or deletion of your personal data. For further information on our data processing practices, please see our Handling of Personal Data document.


We reserve the right to change these trade conditions. In the event of changes, you will be informed via our webshop or email.


For questions regarding these conditions, please contact Mouldshop A/S's customer service at sales@mouldshop.dk or Phone: +45 70 20 84 84